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Cortana now alerts you about public transit and music concerts

Cortana Concert Watch

Microsoft has rolled out more new features to Cortana for all users in the US and UK. The first new capability is found under ‘Interests’ -> ‘Getting Around. There, users can select a preferred method of transportation – Driving or Public Transit. While Driving has been available for users since Cortana’s launch, the Public Transit option is a brand new one.

Getting around Public Transit Cortana

Public Transit alerts about train or bus times and changes such as delays and outages.

Users can also connect their calendar events and  public transit functionality so Cortana will notify them about the best method of transportation for an event in the calendar. Another option is to let Cortana monitor buses and trains to favorite places.

The second new functionality, also spotted by NPU, is called ‘Concert Watch’, and is hidden under Cortana’s Notebook. Tap on ‘music’ and you will see the new interest which shows concerts by favorite artists and bands. Enable ‘Concert Watch’ by tapping and Cortana will notify you about gigs nearby.