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Continuum for Phones is wireless (Miracast) or wired (dock)

Continuum for Phones

New information about Continuum for Phones

Windows 10 for PC is already out and Microsoft has a new task – to complete and release Windows 10 Mobile.

The company will present a range of new devices, including high-end Lumia models supporting Continuum – a unique feature that would allow users to unleash a PC-like experience when the phone is connected to an external screen.

Yesterday, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore shared some interesting information about Continuum for Phones and even posted a photo of a development hardware connected to an external display using Miracast.

Belfiore explains that Continuum for Phones requires new hardware supporting Dual separate screens, something impossible for the old generation of smartphones. The first phones to support the feature will be the flagship models codenamed Cityman (5.7-inch) and Talkman (5.2-inch), both expected to debut in late September.

Continuum for Phones supports both wireless (BT/Miracast) and wired (dock) connectivity. The dock is under development and even appeared in several leaks under the codename Munchkin. We know that Munchkin will cost $99 and will have USB, screen, mouse and keyboard ports. When the phone is docked and connected to a screen, the Windows 10 Mobile interface morphs into a PC-like Windows with traditional support for mouse and keyboard.

So far, the company has only demonstrated Continuum over Miracast with the TV acting like a second screen and Universal Windows apps scaling up to fit the bigger screen.

The connectivity using a docking station and the full potential of Continuum should be demonstrated later this year, maybe along with the rumored flagships Lumia 950 and 950 XL.