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Consumer-focused HoloLens to hit the market in 2019

  • On February 20, 2017

Second-generation HoloLens to arrive in 2019

Microsoft unveiled its AR headset in late 2015 and started shipping the first developer kits for $3,000 in mid-2016. We’ve been long hearing about Microsoft developing a second-generation HoloLens, suitable for regular consumers and costing less than $3,000. Many analysts believed that Microsoft would be launching a retail version of the augmented reality headset sometime in 2017, but according to a new report from, Redmond has pushed back its plans.

Thurrot informs that Microsoft has skipped the second version of HoloLens, in favor of a third version in 2019. According to the report, Microsoft will be focusing on big changes to HoloLens, including smaller size, better hardware and wider field of view. As the market is still not ready for such a device, the company wants to have enough time to produce a better and cheaper product.

While Augmented and VR headset market is still something new and immature, Microsoft’s HoloLens may still have a strong key advantage. HoloLens is fully independent headset with a self-contained Windows 10 computer running Windows Holographic. It allows users to run UWP apps that exist together with the physical world in a shared environment, and interact with the apps with voice, gaze and gestures.