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Concept of a foldable mobile device published by Microsoft

Surface concept

Is this the future mobile Surface?

Microsoft has posted on Twitter an image of a phone-like device with a large screen. This could be a pure concept or maybe a prototype that could be materialized and released on the market as a long-rumored Surface Mobile (Phone).

The picture shows a phablet without visible bezels and two displays for different postures – tablet and phone. Also visible is the hinge allowing the device to be folded to the back, which is in line with the recent patent Microsoft got.

Keep in mind that this image could also be posted for mere marketing purposes, and it may not show a real product, but just an idea.

However, Microsoft is indeed working on a mobile-type device with Windows 10 (Mobile) for ARM64 bit processors. The device codenamed Andromeda was reported to run an early build of Windows 10 with adaptable interface (CShell).

Meanwhile, Microsoft remains tight-lipped about its mobile plans. The company is neither releasing Insider builds from the RS3 branch, nor commenting the situation around existing and future devices.