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Coloud headphones for your Nokia available in September

Nokia Coloud headphones
  • On August 19, 2013

If you are a music enthusiast, you probably want to have better sound on your mobile phone. That’s why Nokia and Zound Industries have designed three affordable headphones for your device. Zound Industries is a Swedish manufacturer of headphones, audio and electronic products. The company owns many brands including Marshall, Molami, Urbanears, Coloud and others.

The specially designed Nokia headsets will be offered under the Coloud brand. The products are called Book, Knock and Pop. Each of them will be offered in yellow, cyan and bright red – some of the typical and most popular Nokia colors. The Coloud headsets will be available in September for €27, €22, and €18 respectively. You can buy the headphones from your local store or online. The accessories will be also distributed with the latest Nokia device – the Lumia 625.

Boom is the biggest accessory, with large ear pads and well-closed construction. The design ensures no surrounding noise while listening to music. Knock has a similar design, but it is a little bit minimalistic and your ears are covered. Coloud Pop is in-ear type of headphones that comes with three different sized buds.

Coloud Boom



All models have Zound Lasso type of flat cable, integrated microphone for phone calls and a control key. The headsets work with all Lumia phones, some of the Asha models and any phone with a 3.5mm AHJ plug. Konrad Bergström, president of Zound Industries describes these three specially designed headsets as “stylish” and targeted for people “passionate about their lives and enjoying music”.

Coloud Knock


Coloud Pop


If you don’t like the Nokia colors you can go to the Coloud webpage and create your own design, choosing among different color combinations. The single price of non-Nokia Boom is €25, while Knock and Pop cost €20 and €18 respectively. All orders are shipped from Sweden, so you should add $25 shipping fee if you live in the US.

Source: Zound Industries