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Choosing a MacBook over a Windows PC – some valid justifications

  • On May 17, 2018


Fans of Apple have always admired the performance and the slickness of MacBooks, especially with the latest additions like Retina display and the new 12-inch compact size. Nevertheless, new arrivals considering their first laptop might ask, “Why should I choose a MacBook over a Windows PC?” The question comes up most often when the newbies compare the prices. They are confused by how much a MacBook costs compared to a Windows PC. Today, we will look into some factors that might justify purchasing a MacBook over a PC. Will they convince you? Read on to see for yourself.

User experience associated with using a Macbook

Any computer is useless without a sturdy operating system. When we compare macOS with Windows, we have to admit that macOS is more user-friendly and ingeniously intuitive for a newbie. For example, if you want to uninstall applications from your Mac – it is as easy as it can get. Just drag it to the Trash and you’re done. Which is more that can be said of the uninstalling procedure in Windows. Do not get me wrong. It is logical and orderly, but you must know what you are doing. You must have some experience and be a tech-savvy person to do it right.

I like Windows, but if you are not a tech-minded type, it can be challenging. If you are looking for something to use for creative work or just for fun and leisure, Macs are better to choose from.

Hands-Off making iOS integration seamless

First introduced for the OS X Yosemite platform, the Continuity program had paved the way towards the integration between iOS devices and MacBooks. This feature, popularly known as the Hands-Off, allows users to start a letter, an email, or a text document on their MacBooks, and later finish the work on their iPhone or iPad or vice versa. You do not have to go through the trouble of using Google Drive, OneDrive or any other cloud for storing documents and syncing edits. You devices just recognize each other and work in unison as if they knew your thoughts.

Sadly, Windows users cannot use anything like the “Hands-Off” feature, as no such program is available for the platform. This gives MacBook a genuine competitive edge over Windows laptops.

Too many options spoil the proverbial broth

Apple, with its limited number of MacBook models available on the market is able to offer better service and support. They know these machines inside out, hardware and software. A Windows PC, on the other hand, can be made of too many component brands, which creates a whole lot of confusion for the user. Especially when you have to choose components and specifications yourself. If you are a techie, this is a boon. You know what you want and you assemble your perfect machine for your specific needs.

However, for a newbie, the lack of multiple options is a good reason to go for a MacBook – as it is a simpler and hassle-free choice.

Better security features

With MacBook you won’t have to choose a specific malware protection – the macOS is protected and closed enough as it is. Windows, being more diverse and inviting, is more prone to attacks, so you will have to pick an antivirus and an internet screen.

Again, if you know what you are doing, Windows allows you more freedom. For newbies, I would recommend a Mac.