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Canceled Nokia Lumia 2020 tablet gets reviewed

Nokia Lumia 2020
  • On September 29, 2017

This is the unannounced 8.3-inch tablet running Windows RT 8.1

Back in 2013/4, Nokia was developing a mini tablet running Windows RT that could be called the Lumia 2020. This would be the second Lumia tablet after the 2520 model, and the first with such a small screen – 8.3-inch LCD. At that time, Microsoft was also devеloping a mini tablet, but the Surface Mini had the same fate as the Lumia 2020 – they were both canceled.

Windows Central got the chance to test and review one of the Lumia 2020 prototypes, assigning a final score of 4 out of 5. The reviewer thinks that the Lumia 2020 would be a great high-end tablet in 2014, attracting with its crisp, Full HD screen, front-facing speakers, and best-to-class camera – 19-Megapixel PureView.

Nokia Lumia 2020

Nokia Lumia 2020 had a matte polycarbonate shell design, Snapdragon 800 processor, 32GB storage, 2GB and microSD slot. The front-facing camera was 1-megapixel, while the graphic chip was Adreno 330.

Lumia 2020 would have been a great small tablet if it was launched three years ago, but with Windows RT on board, it would be surprising to attract many buyers. However, Microsoft may still decide to offer Windows 10 on small-form factor in 2018. With the announcement of Windows 10 on ARM, and the internal development of the modular version of Windows called Andromeda OS, everything in this micro-tablet segment becomes possible.

Source: WindowsCentral