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You can now ‘Choose a Star’ of your automatically generated video

Choose a Star' in Story Remix
  • On January 29, 2018

New update for Photos app introduces ‘Choose a Star’ in Story Remix

It’s a feature unveiled at BUILD 2017 in April, but it has just come to Windows 10 via an update for Photos. The ability to select a star of your video in Story Remix is finally available for those on Windows 10 PCs.

Choose a Star puts the spotlight on the person you choose. After you select photos and videos you want in your video story, you can automatically customize the video by remixing it. Once the story is created, you can now choose a star, and the video will highlight a specific person. Then you can save the video and share it with your friends.

Choose a Star' in Story Remix

Story Remix and Choose a Star are available for everyone on the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. According to latest statistic date, the majority of the PCs on Windows 10 are already on the Fall Creators Update. Check for an update for the Photos app in the Store.