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CamScanner updated with a bunch of new features for free

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CamScanner got an update, adding enhancements, new tools and making some ‘premium’ features free for all Windows Phone users. According to the changelog, CamScanner version 2.2 lets you upload scanned documents directly to the cloud, something not possible in the previous version. The app now auto detects doc edges and merge documents. The other new features include:

  • Clear cache
  • Keywords highlights – the app automatically highlights keywords when searching
  • Transparent tile in Windows Phone 8.1 style

CamScanner has been optimized and the developer promises improved speed and efficiency as well as improvements in the app memory usage.

Several exclusive features are now free for all users:

  • Recognized texts can be copied to clipboard and opened in Office
  • Recognized texts can be read
  • Users can make unlimited annotations

CamScanner for Windows Phone 8.1

CamScanner is one of the most popular mobile scanning apps, currently available on over 60 million handsets, with 50 000 new downloads per day. The app auto detects and crops scanned images, enhances the quality of the documents and converts them to suitable formats. Scanned documents are synced across different devices, OneDrive and Update CamScanner now, or download it for free from the Windows Phone Store.

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