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Budget Lumia phones side-by-side: Lumia 435, 532, 530 & 535

Microsoft Lumia 532 close front
Windows Phone Area

Which Lumia smartphone offers the best value for money?

Microsoft yesterday announced two new low-cost Lumia smartphones, Lumia 435 and Lumia 532, the first of many to replace the abandoned Asha and Nokia X series. With these new models Microsoft makes its Windows Phone series cheaper than ever. Priced at EUR 69 and EUR 79 before taxes, Lumia 435 and 532 share many common features and specs, though there are some major differences we will discuss below.

Of course, the old Lumia models in the low-end (Lumia 530 & 535) should also be brought into the equation. That’s why we are making a quick a side-by-side specs comparison, showing the main strengths and weaknesses of four smartphones: Microsoft Lumia 435, 532 and 535, plus the Nokia Lumia 530.

Specs comparison - Microsoft Lumia 535 vs 435 vs 532 vs Nokia Lumia 530

And the winner is … Microsoft Lumia 535 with three main advantages over the competition – slim profile, and duo 5MP cameras. Of course, this is the most expensive device (at the moment the price is around EUR 110).

The second position is for the new Lumia 532 which comes with a much thicker body, without LED flash on the back, and a basic VGA shooter up front. The Glance Screen is a nice addition here, while processing power, storage, and RAM are identical to the 535.

Lumia 435 takes the third place. It is the cheapest of the four (but only 10 EUR less than the 532), has identical to the Lumia 532 design, but a weaker processor (dual-core) and main camera (2MP).

It seems that the old Lumia 530 announced in the summer of 2014 should not be an option at all. For the same price as the Lumia 532, the Nokia Lumia 530 is losing in four categories – sensors, front camera, RAM, and storage.

So, which affordable Windows phone do you think offers the best value/price ratio? Lumia 532 or Lumia 535? Leave comments in the section below.