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Simple Ways to Create a Branded Logo for Your Company

Simple Ways to Create a Branded Logo for Your Company
  • On July 28, 2020

Have you ever seen a reputed company without a logo? Probably no! This is because there isn’t any organization that operates without a logo. A logo is an entity’s identity, and this is how customers recognize your brand. So, for this reason, you would want your company logo to be outstanding, a logo that speaks to your customers, but how do you get there?

Don’t fret because Graphic Designing Apps has made our lives easier. These are tools that can design your logo according to your needs. Without having to pay hundreds of dollars to a designer, you can now turn towards a logo creator that serves all your purposes.

Why use a logo creator?

To answer the question, let’s first understand why we need a logo. The question would probably raise up vivid images of the famous brands, including an iPhone with a logo of an apple with a single bite bitten off.

A logo acts as a representation of your company’s mission and vision. In its simplest definition, a logo is a business’s identity that helps customers in remembering you. It is also considered as the face of your company.

A logo maker provides companies with an opportunity to make a statement about your organization using an advanced tool. You simply need to feed details such as your industry, design preference, and mission statement, and the program will return various designs according to your requirements. Some Logo Creator App charge a fee for their services while some don’t. Their costs, however, are a lot lesser than what logo designers charge.

How to Create Your Own Logo?

Before heading your way to a logo maker, make sure you do your homework. You just have to follow the right steps before finalizing your design.

Investigate your competition: You should know what your competitors are up to. Decisions that are taken after thorough research always tend to produce stable results. Therefore, understand your market, study your competitors, see what is working and what is not, and then use a logo creator to design your thoughts. You should also remember that what has worked for others may not always work for you. Enough research will save you from making a failed decision.

Get inspired: The internet is flooded with amazing inspirational ideas. With just a bit of search on successful businesses and their logo designs, you will come across tons of ideas. Don’t just limit yourself to your industry, also look out for well-known companies from another sector, and notice what they do well. Maybe you get inspired by an idea that you think you can pull it off with an improved version. Then there are trending logos that might give you even better ideas. A good logo creator is also full of designs and ideas that may match up your taste.

Convey your message: When brainstorming your logo designs, make sure you come up with something that establishes your message. Your organization’s values, voice, and mission should be well presented in your logo. A logo that fails to speak to the customers might not really pave the way to your target audience.

Gather feedback: Knowing what others think about your logo should be a good idea before you finalize it. Gathering feedback would provide you an insight into what would work best for you. But make sure you ask for opinions from trusted sources that are willing to give constructive feedback.

Best Logo Makers

To create stunning logo designs, you will come across tons of logo makers in the market. However, not all these tools can produce your desired results. Some may create designs that aren’t professional or appealing. A logo is something you cannot change every now and then, so better make the right decision when it comes to choosing for a Logo Creator App. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of best logo makers in the market.


Ucraft, a well-known website builder, offers free access to its logo maker tool. With its variety of icons, shapes, texts, and colors, you can create the perfect logo of your choice. The easy to use logo maker app allows you to create your favorite design in literally less than 10 minutes.

To get your designed logo on your device, you need to create an account, but this is a just a small price to pay for an incredible looking logo.

Logo Maker

Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design and Logo Templates is the creation of Content Arcade Apps. With this Logo Creator app, you can design a logo on the go. With more than 5,000+ logo icons and 2,000+ templates, you will definitely find the design of your choice. Without putting much effort and time, you can create stunning logos, trademarks, banners, thumbnails, and many more.


Without having any designing experience, you can use Vectr’s logo maker tool with ease. However, this tool is a bit more advanced than the usual tools you will find in the market. To make things easier for you, a helpful user guide and tutorials are available on their website for basic and advanced understanding.


Launching your own business has its own complications and costs. The least you can do is reduce the stress that comes with excessive pricing of a logo designer and instead use a logo maker.