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Bluetooth beacon signals coming to Windows 10 and all supported devices

Bluetooth beacons
  • On October 25, 2014

Bluetooth LE Advertisement APIs found in Windows 10 Preview code

Contextual ads thanks to a technology called ‘Bluetooth beacons’ will be coming to Windows 10 OS in 2015, allowing all supported devices including phones to automatically open associated applications and display relevant ads or other information when they are in the range of Bluetooth beacon transmitters.

Bluetooth transmitters are used by many businesses and developers to interact with their customers. Using Bluetooth LE 4.0, beacon signals are transmitted to nearby smart devices which in turn automatically recognize them and receive specific information.

This technology can be used by businesses to transmit information and ads to their customers in the stores or other public locations. Offers, promotions, discount coupons , personal messages or other information can be transmitted using these Bluetooth signals.

Apple iBeacon technology is already quite developed and iPhone users are accustomed to this interaction. Windows 10 running on PCs, phones and tablets will include beacons support so all devices with Bluetooth 4.0 LE will be able to automatically launch the associated applications and interact with businesses.

Source: WMPUser