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Bittersweet Shimmer adds new colors for night mode on the Glance Screen

a Lumia device showing Glance Screen
  • On October 7, 2013

While Microsoft is preparing the next major Windows Phone 8 update called GDR3 (General Distribution Release 3), Nokia is working on its own update for the Lumia devices. Nokia’s update is called Bittersweet Shimmer and it is expected to launch alongside Microsoft’s refreshment. The Nokia’s own update will differ from GDR3 and it will enable features available exclusively for the Lumia line-up.

As we reported earlier, Nokia is likely to improve the Glance Screen (introduced with the previous update – Lumia Amber) by adding notifications to the Glance Screen. Currently, the Glance Screen shows only the time and the vibration indicator. There is a night mode option – you set the time when night mode starts and ends. As yet, the night mode shows the information in red, instead of white, but Bittersweet shimmer is likely to add 20 more colors as options, a leak and a screenshot have revealed.

The new Lumia Glance Screen with new color options for night mode

GDR3 will enable the 1080p support for new devices and support quad-core processors. The update will also bring custom sounds, Wi-Fi restoring, Driving mode, Screen rotation lock, X to close and some other performance improvements.

Source: Twitter