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Bing Translator for Windows Phone: travel the world with confidence

A logo of Bing Translator
  • On November 29, 2013

Bing Translator helps you overcome the language barrier

Translator for Windows Phone is a very useful application and one of Microsoft’s finest achievements. This is a language app that helps you translate anything you want using voice, camera or phone’s keyboard.

The app works offline, on-the-go, so you can use a miniature version of Translator even without an Internet connection. You just need to download the language packs you want. The application supports text translation for more than 40 languages.

The camera, voice and text to speech translation require an Internet connection and these methods support fewer languages. You point the camera towards the object and see the translation instantly on the screen. You don’t need to take a photo, because Bing Translator for Windows Phone 8 offers you an instant, real-time augmented reality translation. You can translate signs, menus or any printed text instantly.

Bing Translator screenshots

Translator for Windows Phone offers also voice and text to speech translation. By simply speaking into your Windows Phone or typing using the keyboard you can have the words translated in a native speaker’s accent.

Bing Translator supports Live Tiles, so you can pin the app on the Home Screen and discover new words every day. The app can be personalized and your favorite translation method can be pinned to the Home Screen. You can grab Bing Translator for Windows Phone 8 from the store here.