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Bing accounts for 52% of the Windows Phone searches

Nokia Lumia Bing search
  • On January 16, 2014

Microsoft’s search engine Bing is slowly expanding its market share. Currently, 18.1% of the US users rely on Bing searches. The growth of the search engine has been fueled by its integration with a variety of Windows services such as Xbox, Office, Windows 8 and Window Phone.

According to Kantar Worldpanel, 52% of the Windows Phone users rely on Bing as their favorite search engine in Q4 2013. Though the numbers are good, Microsoft has a lot to think about. It looks like the default Windows Phone search engine is opted out by 48% of the users, who still prefer other services such as Google Search.

Bing search Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone, the third most popular mobile operating system is expanding its market share on most of the markets. With the OS growth, Bing is gaining more popularity and adds millions of new customers though Google is an absolute leader for web searches using non-mobile devices.

Source: NPU