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Big new features with upcoming Windows 10 build for Phones

Alcatel Pixi 3 Windows 10 for Phones
  • On March 29, 2015

Messaging app, Spartan browser, Outlook, and more to come to Windows Insiders

Two days ago we saw a preliminary list with all phones currently supporting the next version of Windows 10 Technical Preview which is expected to roll out in one or two weeks.

Microsoft will deliver a lot more polished and stable build than that released in February. We have already seen leaked screenshots of internal Windows 10 Builds and the virtual tool for Developers (SDK). All clues point to an OS version that is closer to the final Windows 10 in terms of design and features. Moreover, Gabriel Aul, General Manager at Microsoft, has posted an interesting comment on Twitter:

twitter gabe aul

It seems that the next Windows 10 version for Insiders will introduce many features never seen in a public release before. What can we expect? Here is a list with possible features expected to be made public very soon:

  • Project Spartan web browser. An early working version of Spartan has leaked in screenshots, and we believe it could be included in the second public build.
  • LED notification support – phones with LEDs inside can use them for notifications
  • More quick-action buttons in Action Center – 2 rows that can expand to 4 after tapping on a little arrow
  • Individual Settings can be pinned to the Start Screen
  • An option to remove an account with all information without hard resetting the phone
  • New Messaging App – may integrate SMS and messages from other apps
  • Contacts (People Hub) – universal app with improved interface in white and blue accent color. A combination of pivots and hamburger menu has been used. Profile images are circular instead of square.
    Contacts Windows 10 Phones
  • Calendar and Mail app – universal app – white theme, blue accent color.
  • A various design improvements