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Best new Windows Phone apps of July 2014

the best new apps of July 2014
  • On August 3, 2014

Thousands of apps are published for Windows Phone each month and we try to present you the best new applications you can download on your smartphone. Here is the list for July 2014.


FitBit app allows you to connect any FitBit tracker with any Windows Phone device so you can have up-to date fitness related information on the go. The app offers real-time stats with automatic and wireless syncing, Live Tile on the Start Screen, history with graphs, progress and goals. FitBit for Windows Phones includes a comprehensive database with 350k foods and helpful nutrition tutorials. You can also motivate and cheer friends, challenge other users, see leaderboards, send messages and more.

FitBit for Windows Phone


With Snapcam you can order professionally printed photos from your Windows Phone and then have them delivered to your home address. You can select photos from the camera roll and then create albums and photobooks. You can choose between two different books – softcovers and hardcovers. Once you’ve selected the images you want to be printed, you can select a theme and then place the order. Fill in all details and then wait for your pictures to be delivered. Prices for 50 images start from $7.99/£4.99.

snapcam app for windows phone


The app removes objects from the scene creating a cool floating effect. Levitagram is simple and straightforward so you can create illusions with your finger. The app takes two photos – one with the object and one with the object removed. Keep in mind that tripod + smartphone mount would make everything a lot easier for you. These two layers are combined and you can easily remove the object you want with fingers. Brush size and its coarseness can be manipulated and you can access settings such as contrast, brightness and coloring.

Levitagram app

Uber (reworked app)

Uber is a popular on-demand service for requesting a taxi and other transport on the go. Uber covers all major cities and offers a search feature so you can compare rates, routes and cars. The best thing in Uber is that you can request a ride directly from your Windows Phone without waiting and reservation times. Just add a credit card, open the build-in map, select pick-up location and done! You can keep in touch with your personal taxi driver and the app displays progress and arriving time. Uber for Windows Phone is an excellent service for those of you who travel a lot.

Compare rates and request a ride using Uber

Live Lock Screen Beta

Live Lock Screen adds one more personalization options for Windows Phones. The app, which is currently in BETA, includes six animated lock screen layouts you can choose from. You can add one or more from your photos to the layout you’ve selected or just use some of the stock images coming with this installation. Live Lock Screens require 1 GB of RAM, and there are some performance issues such as noticeable lag while waking the phone from sleep. However the start is promising and we will probably see a lot of improvements once the app leaves the beta stage.

Live Lock Screen App for Windows Phones 8.1