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Best Gadgets to Take With You To Work

Best Gadgets to Take With You To Work
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Author: Mario Petkovski

Technology is improving every day and it used everywhere, in cooking, learning, building, working and etc. The goal is to improve our daily routines and make us more productive. With the fast development of technology, it is hard to keep track and stay up to date with the latest technology trends. Working every day some job might be frustrating and boring for some people, this is where technology comes to save the day.

There are so many gadgets specifically designed to improve everyday work hours, make time fly by and make you much more productive. In this article, we will go through some of the best gadgets that can be used in the office to make your life a lot easier.

1. Window-Mounted Solar Charger

Nowadays, we use our phones for everything and just because of the extensive use the battery usually does not last long. Of course, the solution to this problem is putting your phone on charge. However, sometimes all you’re charging stations at your office may not be available, that is where this solar charger comes from. It can be attached to the window and get the power from the sun to charge your phone or tablet. This eco-energy device not only will charge your phone, but it will make you cool just because you care about the environment. It is around 20$.

2. Pip

You handle a lot of stress while you are at work, and the most important thing is to stay relaxed in order to live healthily. Constant stress might have devastating consequences on your life, which is why you must manage it. Pip is a device that can measure the skin pores on your fingertips to detect the stress levels in your body. After the scan, the device will provide useful guidance on how to stay cool. It is a bit expensive coming at around $189, however, it is money well spent.

3. AppKettle

Since everything today is about saving time, AppKettle is the perfect device for that. You will not have to wait for your water to boil in order to make coffee or tea, this kettle is controlled via smartphone. So, every time you want hot water, you just select the option on the phone and go there when it is ready. This device can be configured to keep a hot temperature for up to 30 minutes. This smart AppKettle device costs $169.

4. R2-D2 USB vacuum cleaner

This device is not just very useful, it is also very cool. If you are eating in your office you will definitely have trouble cleaning all the crumbs from your desk. However, with the Star Wars robot, you will not have to worry about any of that. It is a USB vacuum cleaner that maneuvers around the desk sweeping all the unnecessary stuff.

5. Hydration Level Monitor

As we mentioned earlier, your health is the most important thing. However, with all these stressful positions your health can be seriously compromised. With all the stuff going on in the office, you often forget to do even some ordinary stuff such as drinking water.

This device will measure your heart rate and workout activity and can determine the level of your hydration. You might not be an athlete warming up for the NFL preseason, but everyone needs to drink water often: even if you have an office job. This is very important in order to avoid unnecessary headaches. It will provide notification to you and remind you to stay hydrated.

6. Fidgi Pen

This pen is created strictly for anxious people with stressed work. It provides a couple of stress release such as rotating ball as well as a clicker in the middle. It is also a great quality pen and looks good, so it will not be a problem to take it to meetings. It costs around $20 and it is money well spent.

These are some of the gadgets that can improve your time on your workstation and make it more bearable. They are specifically designed for that reason and will have a huge impact on your productivity, stress management and keeping up with the workflow. Try them out and see it for yourself.