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Bell Canada’s Carrier Rights Cause Delays for Lumia 830

Lumia 830 orange camera 10MP
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Lumia 830 coming to Canada on October 15

Update: Nokia Lumia 830 delayed in Canada yet again, the new launch date is October 17th

Nokia Lumia 830 was expected to appear on the market in Canada on 8th of October but it has been delayed for 15th October due to an additional agreement between the three big suppliers to release the product on sale at the same time. It seems that the three rivals have now unified their effort in order to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Rogers and Telus announced the new release date – 15th October – just in order to be the same as the date announced by Bell Canada.

We suppose that Microsoft Canada has also taken part in the negotiations so that sales can start at the same time. Thus we have to wait a little bit more until we can see and try a device from this model.

More info appeared about the Rogers’ Lumia 635 which would be $50 cheaper if bought from Microsoft than from Rogers and Telus. The price offered by Microsoft Canada is $149 CAD compared to the one by the two carriers – $199. It seems to be a good deal to purchase a device from Microsoft off contract. The units sold by Rogers and Telus are offered with monthly contracts which is also less beneficial for customers.

Source: Windows Phone Canada