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Beam video game streaming service reveals new website ahead of UWP app in 2017

beam website

New mobile apps to be released in early 2017

The Microsoft-owned game streaming service has announced that new mobile apps will be launching in early 2017. Beam wants to improve the experience for their mobile users, but also for users accessing their website at

The visual redesign of the Beam website is already live, with new animations and transitions, and a more consistent style. The streaming service now supports 60 fps at 1440p, with a mix bitrate increased to 10 Mbps. There is a brand new player for increased quality of the video stream, with more controls, and 100% HTML5 (without Flash).

Microsoft is also working on a UWP app for Windows 10, and refreshed mobile apps for Android and iOS. The company may even integrate Beam with Xbox and other Windows services to improve the user experience. More details about the upcoming apps for mobile devices will be announced in early 2017.