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AT&T Lumia 1520 to arrive with 16GB of storage and without Qi wireless charging

Yellow Nokia Lumia 1520 close picture
  • On October 29, 2013

Nokia’s latest flagship smartphone, the six-inch Lumia 1520, launches around the end of November in a number of key markets. In the US, the new model will come as an AT&T exclusive.

According to Nokia’s product page for the Lumia 1520, there will be some differences between the global and the AT&T version of the phone.

First, the AT&T variant is listed as having just 16 GB of internal storage instead of the 32 GB announced during the Nokia World event. The storage reduction is likely to result in a lower price tag of the Nokia Lumia 1520 for AT&T customers. For those who demand more, there is still a micro SD slot available. It supports cards up to 64 GB

AT&T has also removed the built-in Qi wireless charging and the carrier has opted for wireless charging shells in favor of the Qi rival PMA. AT&T’s product manager explains the decision with the fact that PMA (Power Matters Alliance) is already installed in many public places. PMA enables users to charge their phones wirelessly on the go.

In other news, the Lumia 1520 goes on pre-order in some European countries. In Switzerland, the new quad-core Windows Phone 8 model is priced at 849 CHF or around $960.