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Artificial intelligence Einstein is coming to Cortana

Cortana Voice assistant for Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Phone Area

Project ‘Einstein’ to make Cortana smarter

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana has been helping users for a year, but Windows 10 launching later this year will make the services available for all modern Windows devices including PCs, phones and tablets. Furthermore, Microsoft is reportedly working on an advanced version of Cortana pulling data from project “Einstein”, and standalone apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Einstein’s artificial intelligence will make Cortana smarter and more useful. Microsoft hopes to secure a strategic advantage over Apple’s Siri and Google Now by offering a lot more features than just responding to questions and Web searching. According to Reuters, the new Cortana will be an intelligent assistant understanding and predicting the user’s needs.

Thanks to Einstein’s machine learning techniques, Cortana will be able to read and understand e-mails in order to complement human memory. She will provide information about flights, remind you about meetings and events, and do more things automatically to increase your productivity and make your life easier. These new functionalities will be introduced in the fall, probably with the official start of Windows 10.