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Angry Birds games will no longer be supported for Windows

angry birds for windows phone

Rovio cuts support for the Windows platform

Windows 10 PCs and Phones won’t receive updates of the Angry Birds games anymore, according to a statement by Rovio. The gaming studio has confirmed for Windows Central that there won’t be any future updates and new games for the Windows devices.

Rovio has obviously decided to cut support for Windows, and concentrate on iOS / Android. In fact, Rovio dropping support for Windows PCs and Phones was somehow expected. The last update for Windows Phone 8.1 was released a year ago, and universal apps for Windows 10 haven’t been planned at all.

Angry Birds became a huge hit a few years ago, but after 2013 the game series started to fall in popularity. Since then the company cut almost 50% of its workforce and reported losses in the last 2 years. Meanwhile, the next major hit among the mobile gamers becomes Pockemon Go, but the Windows users are not sure if this title will ever reach their platform.