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Andromeda mobile device will have an iris scanner and a call recorder

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New evidence of the rumored Surface mobile device

We have not heard anything related to the mythical dual-screen device that was supposed to run Andromeda OS since this spring, but now some new evidence uncovered by AggiornamentiLumia suggest that Andromeda could still be on the roadmap for a 2019 release. Clues hidden in language packs for Andromeda reveal that Microsoft’s dual-screen mobile device has a telephony and a call-recording feature.

Additionally, we learn that the device will rely on Windows Hello for authentication thanks to both an iris scanner and a fingerprint reader. The report also confirms that Andromeda will support various screen modes and postures, including the ability to run two apps on the two screens. The user will also be able to turn off the display by double tapping on it, and flip the device to answer.

Like expected, the possible Surface phone-like device with two screens will run a special Store-only version of Windows 10 with UWP apps, and it will come pre-installed with apps built specifically for dual-screen devices.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the development of neither Andromeda OS, nor the device itself. The company is planning one last event for 2018, but we don’t expect anything related to mobile to be announced this year.