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Ambient Sound Charges Phones

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A new generation of smartphone prototype could be charged by ambient sounds such as those from a football field or a crowded street. But we do not expect charging cables to be discarded soon.

Scientists from London and developers at Nokia built a device that could be charged by transforming the surrounding noise into electricity.

When students from Queen Mary University noticed how fast-tempo music influences on the performance of solar cells, they decided to invent a device that takes motion energy and converts it into electricity.

According to the students, their invention will have many advantages. It could improve the use of electronic devices and make them work longer without connecting to a charger. It could also help protecting the environment by reducing the need of conventional energy.

The idea of transforming vibrational energy has existed for 20 years now but the current idea of the developers was to create a prototype working on zinc oxide nanorods. When they are distorted in form they produce voltage which due to the nanogenerator can be used to a power device such as a mobile phone.

Developers say that such type of energy may be useful in future but it is almost impossible conventional charging to be removed completely. Nevertheless, they hope that the technology could be built in smartphone industry.

via Mashable