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Alternative apps to Snapchat for Windows Phone

logo of snapchat app

While Microsoft and Snapchat are still discussing an official Snapchat for Windows Phone 8, iOS customers can now benefit from a brand new app with additional chat options and video calling features. An update for Android is also in the works reportedly arriving later this summer, but there is no word on Windows Phone except that both companies have discussed the possibilities. Until the company releases its official app for win phone 8.1 we can use some of the third-party clients, and even though they lack video calling you can experience some of the new Snapchat features available for iOS.

Update: All Snapchat clients have disappeared from the Store. Read why.


6snap version is the best alternative app to Snapchat. The new version from May 27 arrived with several new features for chat conversations. You can share photos and videos with iOS and Android users, post snaps, add text to photos, search for friends, change privacy, set custom ringtones and more. The app supports lenses and live tile. Grab unofficial Snapchat for Windows Phone from here.

Snapchat client 6snap - screenshots

6snap BETA

6snap BETA is different than the original 6snap launched in 2013. According to the developer, the BETA includes some of the new Snapchat features but you can’t use both 6snap clients at the same time. You need to sign out and log when switch between apps.

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Meanwhile Facebook is expected to launch a Snapchat competitor called Slingshot. The app is describes as ‘simple’ and ‘easy’ to use, with speedy UI and similar features including disappearing short videos and text messages.