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All editions of Windows 10 announced

Windows 10 versions

Windows Phone transforms into Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft revealed today seven different editions of the Windows 10 Operating system, each made for certain types of devices or different customers – business or individuals. Among all names announced today, the most interesting one is Windows 10 Mobile – the successor to Windows Phone.

The future Windows Phone equivalent will be called Windows 10 Mobile, a name we have known for a while, but now for the first time we get an official confirmation. The new name does make a lot of sense as the mobile platform will not only run on phones, but also on small tablets below 8 inches. At the same time, the parallel with the old Windows Mobile is obvious, although now the things are far more complex than years ago. With Windows 10 platforms, Microsoft will unify all its stores, so customers will be able to download everything from apps to music from a single Windows Store.

Along with Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft is announcing six other versions of the OS:

Windows 10 Home: an edition focused on individual customers and devices like PCs, tablets, and 2-in1- devices. Among the all features in this version are Cortana, Windows Hello, Microsoft Edge browser, Universal apps, Xbox Live app, and many other functionalities suitable for Home users.

Windows 10 Pro: This is a successor to Windows 8.1 Pro. In addition to all features found in the Home edition, the ‘Pro’ version will include some special bits like device management, demote desktop, Microsoft cloud services and more things suitable for small enterprises.

Windows 10 Enterprise: It builds on Windows 10 Pro, adding advanced features for mid-size and large companies and organizations, meeting the highest possible security standards.

Windows 10 Education builds on the Enterprise edition, adding features meeting the needs of teachers, students, staff and administration.

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise is for business customers who want great productivity and security, plus device management capabilities.

Windows 10 IoT Core is for small footprint, and low-cost devices like gateways.

Microsoft is yet to announce the launch dates of each variant of Windows 10, but there is evidence that the PS version will roll out in the summer, while Windows 10 Mobile will launch a bit later this year.

Source: Windows Blogs