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Alcatel demonstrates Windows 10 on the new Pixi 3 smartphone

Alcatel Pixi 3 Windows 10 for Phones

OEMs are working on Windows 10 smartphones

While the first build of Windows 10 Technical preview is available to a number of Lumia devices through the Windows Insider program, some manufacturers begin testing the OS on new smartphones. Alcatel OneTouch is one of the companies that will try to release a Windows 10 device as soon as possible in attempts to receive media attention before the competition.

A phone named Pixi 3, running an early version of Windows 10 for Phones, has been demonstrated in Barcelona. Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 will be released later this year, available in three operating systems – Windows, Android and Firefox. The phone shown at the Mobile Congress has the same Preview version available for regular users, but there are some new apps developed by Alcatel.

The Pixi 3 features a quad-core processor, LTE support, 5-inch 854×480 display, 4 GB internal storage, 1 GB of RAM, 8MP main camera, and a 5MP front facing shooter.

In addition to the Pixi 3, Alcatel will offer two other smartphones with Windows, all in the low-end segment.

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