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Alcatel considers launching Windows Phone tablets

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Windows Phone Area

It is not a big secret that Microsoft is planning to merge Windows Phone and Windows RT in one OS intended for tablets and smartphones.  These plans have not been officially announced yet but a partner of the company confirmed the rumors. According to Dan Dery, vice president of Alcatel OneTouch, his company will come out with new models of devices after the release of the new OS.

Dery also expects his team to be the first releasing a Windows Phone tablet on ARM chipset. It would be a 10-inch device with Magic Flip technology which means that the smart covers could show notifications and could be fold to become a stand for the tablet.

Dan Dery is also enchanted by the performance, interface and characteristics of Windows Phone on devices from the low-price class. He points out the work of the memory footprint which is intended for low memory in contrast to Android which has some problems with its processing capability on low-end devices.

He also indicates the advantage of Windows Phone when talking about Office. According to Dery, the company still offers the best integration of Office into its devices which is not the same with the Android devices. He concludes that Microsoft holds out the best combined solution between smartphone, tablet and computer.

Alcatel OneTouch was part of Windows Phone with the 7.8 version. Then WM8 came out and Nokia became a dominant force. But with the release of the newest OS we expect more and more companies to become a part of it.

via Neowin