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90.5% of the Windows 10 Phones are on Build 14393 or newer

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Windows 10 Mobile is installed on 14% of the phones in use

While Microsoft has upgraded only 14% of the active Windows phones in use to Windows 10 Mobile, the company is supporting this micro niche market very well. After announcing much faster monthly updates with Windows 10 Mobile, without carrier approval if there is no new firmware, Microsoft has managed to upgrade 90.5% of the Windows 10 phones to the Anniversary Update or a newer version.

According to AdDuplex’s latest report, Windows 10 Mobile Version 1607 (Builds is running on 84.9% of the smartphones, while an additional 5.6% of the devices have already moved to the Redstone 2 builds (version 1703) via the Insider Program. Only 9.5% of the Windows 10 Mobile users have not upgraded to the Anniversary update builds.

Windows 10 Mobile versions share 2016 october

In the meantime, it appears that Windows 10 Mobile’s growth has stopped around the 14% mark. In October 2016, Windows Phone 8.1 still has a share of 78.2%, which is quite normal as most of the phones in use are old low-end devices such as the Nokia Lumia 520 & 535. Even the Windows 10 market is being dominated by cheap models:

Windows 10 Mobile devices October 2016 stats

The chart for Windows 10 PC Versions shows a similar picture: the Anniversary Update is now on 76.6% of the PCs in use, which his a solid achievement considering the fact that there are millions of devices from hundreds of manufacturers. HP is the top Windows 10 manufacturers, followed by Lenovo and Dell. Microsoft accounts for 2.8% of the market with its Surface line.