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6tag 4.0 is now live, version 5.0 will be a universal app

6tag version 4.0 on Lumia 1020

New Instagram filters and filter adjustments in latest update

The best Instagram app in the Windows Store has been updated to version 4.0 with new photo filters and ability to control the filter’s strength. In addition, older posts’ captions, hashtags and location can be edited.

6tag gets five new filters: Slumber, Ludwig, Perpetua, Aden and Crema. All these filters were added to Android and iOS’s apps in December, so Windows Phone users are not so far behind thanks to the efforts of Rudy Huyn, not Instagram. In fact, the official Instagram has not been updated for more than a year now, and is still in beta.

Along with 5 new filters, the app now gives you the ability to control the effect by adjusting filter strength. The new slider is accessed through the three dots at the bottom on the filter screen. Then you can drag the slider until you are satisfied by the result and upload the photo to Instagram.

6tag 4.0 what is new - filters, effects, info editing

6tag version 4.0 also brings the ability to edit location, caption and hashtags of each of the old photos you have posted. Information can be edited after tapping on the three dots just below the photo.

To excite all Instagram and Windows fans even more, 6tag’s developer Rudy Huyn yesterday revealed that he is working on video upload and editing features in version 5.0 universal app for Windows 10, so PC and mobile users will have an identical application and new features on all devices.

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