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6cret Secret Client Released for Windows Phone

Secret client 6cret is now available for Windows phones
Windows Phone Area

6cret is a new application by Rudy Huyn, a Windows Phone developer. It works thanks to the Secret app available on Android and iOS. Huyn, however, made it available on WP. The app is really popular and allows users to send their friends anonymous messages.

6cret gives you the opportunity to do several different operations. The secret messages are received from anonymous person who could be anyone of your friends. You can send them back another anonymous message. You can say what you want and your secret message could be spread by your friends to another people. You can chat anonymously with your colleagues, friends and people nearby. However, the app was criticized in some media due to the risk of violence at some schools.


The app is now available in WP store for free but with some adds. You can remove them after paying $1.29. Secret is still a new app so it’s better to try its work first. Initially, the app appeared with a bug when logging into Facebook but then it was fixed by Rudy.

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