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50 new hardware partners working on Windows based devices

BLU Win HD phone on Windows
  • On October 1, 2014

Microsoft is trying to attract as many hardware partners as possible and the major shift in Redmond’s licensing policy making Windows free for mobile devices (up to 9-inches) looks to be working just fine. After announcing 17 new Windows phone partners at IFA, now Microsoft reveals the total number of manufacturers (of tablets and phones combined) has reached 50 and will probably grow in the coming months.

With the future ‘One Windows’ for all devices dubbed Windows 10, Microsoft will continue the same strategy, so manufacturers can use Windows OS on small-screen devices at no costs. These changes in licensing combined with the new generation of apps working everywhere (universal apps) will help Microsoft push the new OS environment in front of a larger audience.

Whilst Windows 10 for phones is far from release, engaging new partners now will ensure a variety of products (including smartphones) later, in the not so distant future (late 2015).

Credit: ReCode