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5 Windows Phones Apps You Really Want To Check Out

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  • On August 4, 2016

Windows Phones are great, though somewhat underappreciated. For one, they offer high quality graphics, which could make games like Red Flush mobile casino stand out in a way that other smartphones cannot provide. Still, it is hard to figure out what apps will make the Windows experience better. The following are five of the most coveted Windows Phone apps that you should consider.

1. Traveling is a Cinch

Traveling is a wonderful experience but one that comes with a set of issues like language barriers. The Windows Microsoft Garage has a solution for you with the Translator app. The application is free and very useful for travelers. The app can translate text from 51 languages and 18 languages using voice. The Translator also helps translate images captured with the camera.

2. Capture Images Digitally

One perk of using a Windows Phone is you have OneNote at your disposal, but sometimes it can be difficult to implement in your day to day life. The Office Lens app is an application that can help you use the OneNote cloud system in an effective way that could help keep track of your expenses.

You can take photographs with your camera, using the application to categorize and store the data on your OneNote drive. The data would be converted to Word document or a PDF.

3. Keep Up with the News

Keeping up with the news can be a little frustrating at times, browsing through pages and pages of results without really finding the kind of news you are interested in.

You can solve that issue by downloading the Leadstory app on your Windows Phone. The application has a very simplistic layout, making it a lot easier to browse through some of the headlines. It can also be personalized so that you are shown the kind of news that you are actually interested in while filtering what does not matter to you.

4. Get Familiar Recommendations on Your Phone

Trusting comments from strangers can be difficult. You do not know if these reviewers are being honest or if they are just affiliated with the business you are thinking of using. What you want is a review and recommendation from people you know, which is why you may want to use the Home Team app.

The application allows you to read and see the businesses and services that your friends, family members, or acquaintances have visited and approved. You also get to throw in your review or recommendations as well.

5. Take a Photo, and Spruce it Up

One impressive aspect of Windows Phones is their ability to take a good photograph. There is one application that is capitalizing on that fact, and it is called PicsArt.

The app allows you to edit the photograph in several different ways, and it has hundreds of tools that can help you create a very unique piece. It should be noted that the app is part of a growing community of photographers and people who love photographic art.

It is clear to see that Windows Phones have some of the most coveted applications that are also quite useful.