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5 Things Windows Phones Do Better than Android Phones

Windows Phones 2014
  • On July 26, 2017

Android smartphones are a clear market leader when it comes to mobile operating systems. In addition, Windows phones are often considered a thing of the past and most people don’t even consider the Windows mobile platform as an option when shopping for a new phone. But are Windows phones really that bad? Indeed, the truth is the opposite. Windows phones do plenty of things better than Android phones. Here’s a look at five of those functions.

1. Seamless Microsoft integration

Most of us use Windows computers for work and leisure. When you combine this with a Windows smartphone, your calendar, e-mail, productivity tools and the like are seamlessly integrated. You can even utilise the Microsoft Cloud for storing files – a must-have for professionals.

2. A selection of better quality apps

Sure, Android phones can boast about having a huge range of apps available. But the quality is better with Windows phones. The apps are more monitored and controlled, meaning you enjoy better functioning apps with consistent design. Moreover, Microsoft has separated the core apps from Windows 10, which means they could be updated more often via the Windows Store.

3. Offline map functionality

You don’t need to worry about getting lost when using a Windows phone. The phone comes with offline maps (Windows Maps that are based on HERE) and you can download and access detailed maps even when you don’t have access to the Internet. Navigating in a new environment won’t ever be a problem. You just need to remember to download the maps before you turn the Internet off. Windows Maps app comes pre-installed on your phone, so you don’t need to look for third-party apps in the Store.

4. Ability to play Xbox games

Now, with a Windows phone, you can continue playing your Xbox games on the go. You will enjoy perfect integration, with the games actually functioning like a dream. This is perfect for when you are on the go and you need to finish that one final mission in Call of Duty. You can even pair your Xbox controller with your Windows smartphone – gaming will be easier and more fun everywhere.

5. The unique Start screen

While Android phones seem to provide more customization options, Windows phones have superior Start screen customization functionality. It’s almost impossible to find two Windows phones that look the same. Live Tiles, along with the ability to resize them, and set a semi or fully transparent background, make Windows phones to look gorgeous.

6. Live tiles and notifications

You can add all sorts of notifications and functions on your lockscreen – it can even display social media! You are able to create a lockscreen of your dreams. You don’t need to open your favourite apps any longer in order to notice what is going on – just look at the lockscreen or at the Start.

Which Windows phone to get?

Unfortunately, if the above convinced you to try a Windows phone, you don’t have plenty of options. You basically have the Microsoft Lumia range, which is still a rather handy mobile phone to get. The 950 XL is the best in the range. On the other hand, you could pick HP Elite x3, which according to Tech Advisor is the best Windows 10 phone on the market. However, it is not the cheapest option so you want to be clever with your purchase.

In terms of buying a Windows phone, check with different retailers to find the best deal. To keep the cost of purchase down, check vouchers at VoucherBin and cut down the prices of getting a top notch Windows phone.

Although Windows phones are just the third most popular phones with declining sales, they definitely don’t deserve the bad reputation they have. So, when looking for a new smartphone, you shouldn’t reject a Windows phones. It might turn out better than Android depending on your needs.