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5 mobile games to play on your Windows Phone

Windows Store
  • On March 9, 2017

While Android OS is the King of mobile platforms (if the number of owners is anything to go by), Windows OS is also catching up, although at a much slower pace. This means that the world still has a few people using Windows devices. These users typically prefer Windows to Android because devices come with crisp-clear graphics which is ideal for online gaming. Some Windows users even claim that Windows tend to have better graphics for gaming that the two dominant operating systems. Whichever the case, these users have also been considered by online casinos such as Slots2Slots. So if you are a Windows OS user and would like to join the fun in real money mobile gaming, these are your best casino games to try out first.

1.Arabian Nights

Just like the name suggests, this slot machine is all built on the Arabian theme. Players who love Arabian tales will definitely love this slot machine which is endowed with rich graphics for your pleasure. The game is designed with 15 win-lines, multipliers, welcome bonuses, and progressive jackpot. The fun part of it comes when you spin 3 magic lamps which earn you 3 wishes respectively. The genie will pop up amid the game to give you the chance of spinning 3 wishes in form of multipliers. This way, you stand a chance to win big.

2. Bonnie and Clyde

This is one of the recent and most popular slot machines available on the Windows platform. This slot machine is all about getting chased by the police. There are 20 pay-lines to play on, which sets you up with loads of different opportunities to explore. When you match 2 icons, you will end up enjoying a part of your gang’s taking.

3. Jackpot big top

Jackpot big top takes you to the world of circus where you will have plenty of fun while also setting your eyes on the ultimate prize. The game is built to feature two more mini-games which help you boost bonuses for an attractive reward. Jackpot big top is a 15 pay-lines game, and is very easy to get started with.

4. Meet the Draculas

This is a creepy game of caskets where you will have 3 caskets at your disposal. You just need to open one of them to unleash the vampire within. Also, try the Sunrise mini-game to give you an edge over the Dracula. We know that he hates light, and will always try to get to his castle before sunrise. Take advantage of that opportunity.

5. Dog detectives

This completely ‘’barking’’ slots machine will put dogs to the forefront in this detective job. You can spin your way through tennis balls, fire hydrants, and biscuit just to meet the dog on patrol. So have fun as you progress on your way to victory. Like the games mentioned above, this slot machine also comes with 15 pay-lines and loads of chances to win big by only matching 2 icons on the line. Of course the more icons you match, the more money you will win.

An Android slot app isn’t any better than a Windows OS slot app. In fact, apps meant for Windows OS can get better as they explore the full potential that Windows devices come with. No need to shy away from trying out these games. Get spinning!