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5 Amazing Customized features of Microsoft Calendar App 365

5 Amazing Customized features of Microsoft Calendar App 365

If you are one of those people who want the best scheduler for their event reminders and meetings but get confused with a long list of options then we suggest you to get Microsoft Calendar 365 and here are the reasons why.

Latest calendar apps boost the productivity of your social activities. You can add appointments, birthdays and events to your calendar instantly. You can also create and share your calendars with others. There is definitely a lot of technological advancement to enjoy here. 

Individuals and groups rely on Microsoft scheduler to get organized and work together conveniently while staying on the same page — no matter how big or small the task is.

  1. Share your Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendar, as a part of Microsoft Office, allows you to share your calendars with your teammates and this is their great plus.Through Exchange Server accounts and necessary permissions, groups or individuals can access to control schedules of other teammates and connect to their calendars. 

Outlook also offers tools to support your choice for the display of several calendars simultaneously. Either side by side or in an overlay screen of other calendars together, it is completely a personalized option.

  1. Get Customized Reminders

Reminders can be annoying sometimes when they do not adjust with your schedule conveniently but Microsoft Calendar 365 is different. By design, Microsoft Calendar will inform you 15 minutes before the start of any meeting. You can alter or dismiss the alerts by pressing the drop-down arrow at the bottom of the new event form next to Remind me. 

The configuration options for setting the reminders in Microsoft Calendar 365 are:

  •  15 or 30 minutes prior to the event,
  •  1,2 or 12 hours before , 
  • one day before.
  • one week prior to the event.
  1. Choose your Response

You can always adjust the standard options for reply to ‘Busy’ for the time slot on your calendar. By clicking Busy, you will be shown a drop-down where several options like Free, Working elsewhere, Tentative, Away or Personal can be picked. Another feature of Color-code is also helpful as you can handle the case using classifications of Outlook colours.

You may also use the option of developing a new category or organizing your current categories. Lastly, you can enable options for reply: un-check Query answers and/or Allow forwarding or hide.

  1. Create Mails on the Go

In Businesses, the change of plan or reaching out to different time zones is just as normal as any other natural activity. And to do that, you can drag and drop an email onto the calendar widget in the navigation menu to switch it into a meeting (only accessible in the Windows app), or submit a request for a session from either email or calendar pretty fast. Outlook likewise supports various views of the time zone.

In addition, the sharing of your flights or other activities with others is also greatly improved. You can check it by opening your scheduled event and pick Share by email. Add addresses, a personal message, and click send — everybody gets an easy-to – read email with specific details of your situation.

  1. View the Schedules as Easy

The Team and Filter features in Microsoft Calendar 365 act as a planning tool which provides you with in-depth visibility throughout your activities to achieve specific targets. To better grasp the upcoming deadlines, for example, sort your activities by the due date. Also, if you are busy then you can use the Team option to show your team members un-started projects so you can focus on your job.