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2.3% of all phones already run Windows 10 Mobile

Trekstor WinPhone 4.7 HD cover

Lumia 635 is the most popular phone in the US

The new report by AdDuplex is out. It reveals facts and trends about the Windows Phone community, based on information collected from 5339 apps. The new graphs show that Windows 10 Mobile is already installed on 2.3% of all active devices worldwide.

This fact is quite remarkable, especially if taking into account that the platform is far from finished and there will be months before the official release. After releasing build 10080 to a large number of handsets, Microsoft has given many new owners the possibility to test early builds on their Windows smartphones. In April, Windows 10 was running on 1.6% of all phones, so for a month the installed base increased by 0.7%. At the same time, Windows Phone 8.1 continues to rise and its usage has increased to 75%.

Digging into the other graphs won’t reveal many interesting facts. The low-end models like Lumia 520, 630 and 535 continue to dominate in most of the markets. Lumia 535 gains 1.5 percentage points over the last month to reach a worldwide market share of 6.7% for the third place.

marketplace may 2015 worldwide windows phone

In the United States, the most popular model is the Lumia 635 with the impressive share of 29.8%. It is worth noting that none of the newest additions to the Lumia line-up (the x40 range) have made an impact yet and models like Lumia 640 /XL are out of top 10.

Lumia 640 and 640 XL could debut in the next report in June, after launching in major markets like the USA and Europe in May. LG Lancet is another new model that could make an impact in the Windows marketplace. The phone is already on sale through Verizon Wireless.